Masters, Connectors, and Teachers

Knowledge is the cornerstone of civilization. It’s what allows us to solve the constant stream of problems we face as individuals and in society. However, not everyone can be an expert at everything. Especially, with increasing depth of knowledge, specialization requires more time than before. One human lifetime is not enough to acquire even a significant part of the knowledge society collectively built. Luckily, we don’t have to. Solving the world’s problems is a team effort after all.

That’s why society has three implicit roles around collective knowledge acquisition. There are Masters, Connectors, and Teachers.

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Life Limitations

While you can have virtually anything you want, you can’t have everything you want.

Ray Dalio

I’ve been thinking a lot about limitations lately. While we’re often pretty good at avoiding facing our limitations we can’t deny that they’re there. And then there are times where we can’t escape them. Suddenly whole countries are under lockdown and our ability to move freely is severely limited. People cannot escape this and they get frustrated or angry.

The truth is that avoidance is the worst approach and getting frustrated a close second when it comes to dealing with limitations. Conscious consideration of them brings you closer to what you want in life. Only when you know what limits you can you chose to overcome them if you want and accept them if you must.

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A soldier spends every minute from the moment he wakes up to when he goes to sleep with a single purpose: training for battle. A top-athlete is dedicating every second of the day towards maximizing her performance at her sport. How does a day dedicated to the highest performance in knowledge work look like?

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