Life Principles

  1. Essentialism – focus on the few most important things
  2. Effectiveness over efficiency
  3. Aim for Simplicity
  4. Understand & Manage Risk
  5. Amor fati
  6. Make use of the Compounding Effect, start early and build momentum.
  7. Progressive escalation – always try the simplest, least risky / cheapest solution first.
  8. Know Thyself
  9. Adaptability – survival of the fittest = be the most adaptable to change
  10. Silver Rule in Ethics as a guide for morality.
  11. Perception Precedes Action
  12. See Things for What They Are – be a realist
  13. Take full responsibility for your life – Individual Choice 
  14. Hope for the best, anticipate and prepare for the worst
  15. Do what you can / Endure, bear & accept what you must
  16. Don’t try to cure the “flaws” of human nature, instead build systems that survive or thrive by them
  17. Predicting and being right consistently is impossible. Better bet on peoples predictions being wrong and be prepared.
  18. “Transform fear into prudence, Transform Pain Into Information, mistakes into initiation and desire into undertaking” – N. Taleb.
  19. Only trust the advice of people with skin in the game
  20. Build redundancy and Margin of Safety / avoid optimization to mitigate asymmetries in our sensitivity to risk.
  21. Preparation -> Discipline -> Patience -> Decisiveness
  22. Life is more often a Loser’s game, not a Winner’s game
  23. You are not your emotions.