How to Build Systems That Don’t Break

Our world is nothing but a system with countless sub-systems. A system is a group of elements or variables that interact and interrelate with one another. In our own lives and society as a whole we create systems to organize us towards defined goals. A good system makes us succeed in reaching those goals while a system fails if it leads to unintended negative consequences. Everything is a system in society, your daily routines, how your workplace is structured and how our governments are set up.

If things are not working how we want them to, what do we usually do? We add stuff, do more, increase to-dos and research more. When our health is not like we want it to be we add a new exercise routine or supplements. When a company grows it starts adding more and more rules and hierarchy. When problems arise in a state the government introduces new laws and regulations. On all levels of society we approach problems by addition and our organizational and governmental systems have grown all the more sophisticated over the years. But is this the right approach?

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