More About Me


I love to create things. This is why during my studies I focused on entrepreneurship, product development and business innovation during my time at the University of St. Gallen.

In my professional career, I created plug-and-play product solutions for energy suppliers in Switzerland as well as a software prototype for a mobility platform solution together with a multi-national, and multi-disciplinary team.


Throughout my experience, I realized that both my impact at work as well as the quality of my personal life depended largely on my ability to connect with people.


To draw amazing people into my life and create lasting relationships I had to become more confident, charismatic, and able to authentically express my personality.

In business, I needed to understand customers and convince them of the product’s value. To work better with co-workers, I had to communicate effectively, motivate them, and manage inevitable conflict.


I realized that to truly have an impact, I needed to

master people skills.

There was only one problem: most advice is shallow and inconcrete.

  • Just be yourself
  • Project confidence
  • Don’t be needy

What does this even mean

So that’s what I’m doing on this website. Here I’m sharing my research, experiments, and findings with the world.


My goal is to provide you with actionable tools and systems to build and leverage your social power.