A collection of principles that I aspire to live by.


  1. See Things for What They Are – “Truth – or, more precisely, an accurate understanding of reality – is the essential foundation for any good outcome.” –Ray Dalio
  2. Focus on Your Locus of Control – All efforts outside of it are wasted.
  3. Essentialism – Do less but Better. Focus on the few most important things and do them well.
  4. Take full responsibility for your life – The opposite is prone to victim mentality which will make you weak and unhappy.
  5. Memento mori – Remember that you will die. Time is limited.


  1. Effectiveness over efficiency – Doing the right things is more important than doing things well.
  2. Focus on the big levers – 20% of the inputs create 80% of the outputs.
  3. Build momentum – Make homeostasis work for you and tap into the compound effect.
  4. Know Which Game You’re Playing – Life is More Often a Loser’s Game, not a Winner’s game
  5. Chose your inputs carefully – What you read and watch, what you listen to, your friends… they make you who you are.
  6. Opportunity Cost – Resources are limited. Every time you chose something you say no to something else.
  7. Apply the 85%-rule – Aim for 85% energy expenditure, and reserve the other 15% for mental & physical calm.
  1. Life is probabilistic – Nothing is certain. Everything is conditional. Use probabilistic thinking to improve your decisions.
  2. Survival of the fittest – The most adapted wins in the short-term. The most adaptable wins in the long-run.
  3. Progressive escalation – Always try the simplest, least risky, and/or cheapest solution first.
  4. Beliefs must be earned – Only Trust the opinions of people with skin in the game. An idea from Nassim Taleb.
  5. Build redundancy and margin of safety – Avoid over-optimization and relying too much on your predictions. You will be wrong eventually.


  1. Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior – It’s not that people can’t change, it’s just that they usually don’t.
  2. Follow the Silver Rule – “Do not treat others the way you do not want to be treated by them” –Nassim Taleb
  3. Hanlon’s Razor – Don’t attribute to malice that which is more easily explained by stupidity.